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in´ter-na´tion-al-ist n.

  1. One who possesses the condition or quality of being international in character, principles, concerns or attitude
  2. One who espouses internationalism—that policy or practice of cooperation among nations, especially in politics and economic matters, and now in advertising, marketing, and media, as well!

Created in January 2003 by Deborah Malone, The Internationalist was launched to connect the people and ideas in international advertising, marketing and media. Today The Internationalist has become a trusted source for international best practices, and is dedicated to the business needs and challenges of international marketing professionals as they participate in multinational branding and campaign building. The magazine portrays the viability of this dynamic industry sector and the passion of the people who are making things happen through marketing around the globe. No other publication has taken on this worldwide role.

The Internationalist is now IN PRINT, ONLINE and IN-PERSON—all to better serve the needs of the international advertising, marketing and media community. The Internationalist offers a growing collection of programs, including:

A vibrant bi-monthly magazine with companion website and complete archives
Six websites including Internationalist Rep Connect and a Global Events Calendar that highlights searchable advertising events in most countries around the globe.
Event series like Marketing Matters and Media Matters—devoted to the hot topics affecting business now, as well as specialty events like Oktoberfest Comes to New York, Internationalist of the Year and Agency Innovators.




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