Inspirational Initiatives from Brands Making a Difference to the Planet & Society.  View the Video.
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Inspirational Initiatives from Brands Making a Difference to the Planet & Society. View the Video.

Every year, The Internationalist highlights inspiring case studies of how brands and their marketing initiatives are making a world of difference by creating awareness, changing behaviors, and driving results for people, the planet, all living creatures… and for business.

VIEW THE VIDEO to see case studies, commentary and trends in purpose-driven work.

Interestingly, this year’s winners focus largely on human issues, while highlighting a range of topics: from the needs of society’s most vulnerable, which include initiatives built around refugees, premature births, violence against women, racial incidents, and homelessness to demonstrating support for small business, overcoming drug addiction, as well as the challenges of Alzheimer’s and dyslexia. Plus, there are celebrations of Black History, demonstrations of love for inclusivity, a triumph over ageism, and ways to “kick the bucket” on plastic and care for shelter animals.


  • Dove (Unilever) – Keep the Grey | PHD Canada
  • TIM – Silent Hit | BETC Havas | Brazil
  • Hinz&Kunzt – City Life Billboard | MEDIAPLUS Germany
  • Amnesty International – Love is the Best Religion | Havas Media Peru & Havas Creative Peru
  • Asociación Lucha contra el Mal de Alzheimer – (Association Fighting Against Alzheimer’s Disease) I Don’t Remember | Hoy by Havas Buenos Aires
  • Stern (Gruner + Jahr) – Dyslexia Unetided | MEDIAPLUS Germany
  • Narcotiques Anonymes (Narcotics Anonymous) – NAverse | Havas Play France
  • | Color Crew – Jersey Color Swap | MEDIAPLUS Germany
  • Procter & Gamble – Aussie Kids x BDG BeYOUtiful Hair Book | Carat | USA
  • Préma-Québec – The 1.8 lb. Book | Touché! Montréal | Canada
  • Audi – The Art of Progress | PHD Germany
  • Claro Colombia – De Local Podemos Todo (Locally We Can Do Everything) | Havas Media, HOY by Havas Colombia x Claro
  • General Motors, Chevrolet, Buick, Kroger, Bounty, Charmin, Mastercard – More Than That with Gia Peppers | dentsu | USA
  • McDonald’s – Plastic Kicks the Bucket | OMD Germany
  • La Société Protectrice des Animaux (Society for the Protection of Animals) – Adopt a Mod | Havas Play | France

While many of these programs are tremendously worthy and beneficial to many, it is their marketing strategies and media tactics they have played a pivot role in contributing to truly making a world of difference.


Today’s always-on social media environment has dramatically shifted the rules of “doing good business,” and marketing leaders worldwide are evolving to address new challenges and opportunities. The assumption of responsibility, the authenticity of purpose, the adoption of greater transparency, and a dedication to sustainability are now critical to how any brand or business plays its proper role in society.

MARKETING MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE™ launched a decade ago as a Think Tank event series when The Internationalist noticed a shift in the winners of its case study award programs. Those cases that did make a world of difference were consistently among the Grand Prix winners. Today, MARKETING MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE™ highlights new marketing thinking that contributes to doing good, while creating deeper and more relevant customer relationships, enhancing brand growth, and demonstrating the importance of the marketing function within the corporation.  Plus, it is part of an expanded, peer-to-peer Leadership Initiative with marketers willing to explore issues around innovation, purpose, sustainability, corporate responsibility, and other meaningful topics that expand the breadth and commitment of modern marketing.

MARKETING MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE™ underscores how this new way of working truly represents a global revolution in marketing possibilities and in tangible results, while meaningfully serving the goals and ambitions of all brand stakeholders.