AdVentures Americas Founders Explain How They Are Disrupting International Media Constructs
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AdVentures Americas Founders Explain How They Are Disrupting International Media Constructs

Two long-time friends and international media professionals had a simple idea that is now changing how both clients and agencies can access strategic marketing solutions—whether within North America or throughout the world.

Called AdVentures Americas for its US home base, Oliver Eills (Founder & CEO) and Patrick Williams (Managing Partner), both originally from the UK and Ireland, have spent the last several decades providing multinational media solutions for some of the world’s best-known brands. Today, they are using their knowledge, experience, and connections, along with the best of technology, to implement ideas in those areas traditionally left uncovered by many internationally minded organizations.

To help champion new growth around the globe through local markets, AdVentures enables both marketers and agencies to easily access international audiences with smart activations—either within the US and/or other countries, while also delivering a truly revolutionary audience curation solution for the programmatic marketplace.

Both partners have long experience in demonstrating how brands with international potential can be successful through smart marketing or with access to the right audiences—regardless of country of origin.

Together, Oliver Eills and Patrick Williams believe there is an evident gap in US-based media and marketing solutions.  They see an opportunity to directly connect advertisers with new international ideas and markets while saving the cost and complexity normally associated with advertising or testing in another country…  without having to make costly investments in ex-US infrastructure. Cost and complexity

The brands they serve range from mid-sized companies, specialty B2B organizations, expanding Direct-to-Consumer products, or even professional associations and/or universities, along with established global brands. 

To learn more from AdVentures AmericasOliver Eills and Patrick Williams as they discuss the value of delivering global audiences locally, watch the video interview on Internationalist Marketing TV (IMTV) on YouTube by CLICKING HERE.


When asked to describe the role AdVentures Americas plays within the marketing and media ecosystem, both partners agree that like many new concepts, it is a hybrid– bringing together a number strengths. 

“While we’re not an ad agency, we are certainly more than a media rep firm. Given that we offer both strategy and execution, we don’t call ourselves a consultancy. Perhaps we are best characterized as ‘a collaborator that provides access to new audiences and markets to help brands grow.’ Certainly, we take our role very seriously in delivering global audiences, locally.” 


In addition to helping US-based companies with international solutions, AdVentures Americas also works to bring great ideas from the rest of the world to the US. Recently, the two partners introduced new programmatic technology from the UK to a number of 4A’s media agencies. The platform, called Multi-Local, allows brands to reach audiences, globally, in brand-safe environments, while also simplifying the international programmatic buying process. 

In our conversation, we discuss the following:

  • Talk about what you see as a gap in the US market in terms of connecting brands with new international markets…
  • It sounds like success comes with finding the right audiences and a good idea. Why is that a missing element in today’s marketplace…
  • What do you see as the current challenges in today’s media marketplace?
  • How would you describe your organization… like many new concepts, it’s a bit of hybrid. 
  • While AdVentures Americas aims to make solutions seem simple, some of your programs have multiple elements of complexity— from curated audiences to local market research, data and analysis, as well as general global knowledge. How do you balance that ease and intricacy?
  • Is there something that you would like to see change in the industry to help US-based advertisers and their agencies experiment more with international markets?
  • So, what’s next for you both and AdVentures Americas?

Listen to Oliver Eills and Patrick Williams discuss the value of delivering global audiences locally, and also find The Internationalist’s entire Trendsetters podcast series here on iHeartRadio’s Spreaker or wherever you download your podcasts.

With 20 years’ international media and advertising experience, Oliver Eills is uniquely placed to build America’s leading international media solutions business.

Beginning his career working for Condé Nast in London, he went on to international roles for News UK, and The Economist Group. As Advertisement Director for the launch of Monocle Magazine, he was recruited to join Publicitas, the world’s largest international media representation firm. Partnering with premium international media brands including the Nikkei, South China Morning Post, Schibsted Media Group, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, American Express Publishing, and The Washington Post, Oliver gained a global perspective of the media landscape, at a time of seismic change for the industry.

Launching Publicitas Middle East, and later moving to New York as Managing Director of Publicitas Americas, Oliver’s international journey continued, strengthening partnerships with publishers including The Globe and Mail, Lagardère and Televisa.

With unparalleled global experience, and having led Publicitas through the concurrent digitalisation of the media industry, the explosion of programmatic and audience targeting solutions, AdVentures Americas, under Oliver’s leadership, is primed to support brands and agencies in the USA navigate the international media landscape and to develop powerful, enduring partnerships for our international publishers. 

Patrick Williams has been involved in senior managerial roles in several entrepreneurial start-ups in the past few years including Zeamo R360 Global, The Thursday Room, Vetr, and DailyWorth. Combining this with his career in media, becoming part of the launch team at AdVentures Americas is a natural follow-on, bringing the fast pace of start-ups to the media world and building a successful business by helping clients and agencies expand their footprint and reach target audiences efficiently and effectively.

Taking on the position of publisher of Worth Magazine for its re-launch, the media brand turned a corner and became profitable for the first time. Implementing innovations across the board, Patrick ensured success by developing new revenue streams from native marketing channels to tailored events. The Leading Wealth Advisors section is now a core part of the business which Patrick built from scratch.

Before joining, Sandow Patrick was a publishing executive at Condé Nast, instrumental to the pre-launch and launch of Condé Nast Portfolio. For 14 years, seven in London and seven in New York, Patrick worked with The Economist newspaper who moved him to The United States to help bolster advertising sales in the Americas. Prior to this, Patrick worked at The Telegraph and The Financial Times.