16 Jul, 2024

AIMM’s Lisette Arsuaga Discusses How High-Growth Brands Embrace Strong Cultural Relevance & Inclusion…

Lisette Arsuaga, Co-Founder of AIMM, ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing, has long been an advocate for demonstrating how high-growth brands are also those with strong diversity and inclusion attributes or “cultural relevance” that is embedded throughout all marketing touchpoints. Recently, AIMM conducted a survey through the Cultural Inclusion Accelerator (CIA) to better understand consumers’ […]

7 mins read

What’s on the Minds of Marketers 2023?

Marketers Shift Priorities to the Immediate and the Practical

TODAY’S MARKETERS face a long list of urgent priorities. However, this year, the order of those priorities is changing. And while the word of the moment at Davos was arguably “resilience” or more specifically “a CEO’s preparedness to build resilience and navigate the impending turbulence to create economic growth,” 83% of CMOs cite ECONOMIC CONSIDERATIONS as their leading current concern— particularly relating to new messaging and adjusted budgets. Whether or not we use the “r” word— that’s recession rather than resilience— marketers, as well as investors, understand that the global layoffs of thousands at social media platforms and AdTech firms are largely due to drops in advertising revenue (along with earlier over-hiring).

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