Biogen’s Michel Quintas Discusses How to Execute a Global Digital Strategy
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Biogen’s Michel Quintas Discusses How to Execute a Global Digital Strategy

Michel Quintas has the rare title of Director for Global Digital Strategy and Execution at Biogen, the Cambridge, Massachusetts multinational biotech company specializing in the treatment of neurological diseases. Not only has he helped lead an enterprise-wide transformation of Biogen’s digital customer engagement, but he has been instrumental in advocating omni-channel programs and a Digital Center of Excellence, founded on the concept that “innovation lives everywhere.”

While he is now expert in the B2B nuances of marketing in the regulation-heavy healthcare sector throughout the world, he began as a B2C marketer at Kraft Canada in a Product Management role based in Toronto. The experience and discipline were invaluable as he transitioned to Eli Lily, then Biogen.  Today he is responsible for the digital footprint of Biogen´s product portfolio across all customer segments throughout the world as he works to meet the needs of physicians and insurers, while also understanding the potential to transform the lives of patients. 

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 Biogen is a pioneer in neuroscience, focusing on treatments for serious diseases like Alzheimer´s, Multiple Sclerosis and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). 

Michel Quintas’ responsibilities led to the development of a global digital B2B customer engagement platform called BiogenLinc. The platform is a one-stop-shop for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) in need of information and educational materials, as well as services. It has also become a forum to engage 1:1 with customers and execute closed loop omnichannel marketing initiatives. 

Global digital projects are always complex, cross functional and challenging– but critical for Global to Local execution and roll-out. Today, he shares what he has learned from two decades of living a truly global life and what that experience means for marketing initiatives that leverage IT infrastructure and next-gen technology throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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In our conversation, we discuss the following:
  • Biogen works in disease areas with some of the greatest unmet needs like Alzheimer’s. Talk about how you communicate your focus on both patients and physicians in your digital marketing…. 
  • You have a global role and have lived a very global life. What are some of the biggest challenges in working with so many markets? 
  • Tell us about your Digital Center of Excellence and your belief that “innovation lives everywhere.” 
  • How do you balance a global-local or perhaps “top down” versus “bottom up” approach to key areas like content development and communications? 
  • How has your work changed post-Covid? Certainly, the speed of brand communications has changed, as have consumers expectations of brands. What do you see as the most fundamental changes? 
  • While many businesses are purpose-driven, healthcare companies seem to be most dedicated to transforming lives and using that goal as a guiding star. Biogen also talks about making a difference in the world beyond medicines… how does this mission translate to your global, digital efforts? 
  • What would you say in the biggest lesson you’ve learned in living a global life in marketing?
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 While Michel Quintas is passionate about Digital Innovation, strategy & insights, multichannel marketing, and creative development, he is also a true internationalist. He has lived on three continents– North America, Europe, and Asia—and is fluent in English, French, and Spanish with good knowledge of Japanese. In addition to finding time to coach soccer, he’s a restaurant owner and accomplished pilot.