Liz Kneebone Tells How Sustainable and Inclusive Marketing Practices Can Be Growth Drivers While Making a Positive Impact
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Liz Kneebone Tells How Sustainable and Inclusive Marketing Practices Can Be Growth Drivers While Making a Positive Impact

If Liz Kneebone could make a wish for all marketers, it would be to make every day Earth Day. As Vice President of the Society and Sustainability Collective, launched by the ANA on Earth Day 2022, she recognizes that as sustainability becomes more common in marketing practices in the U.S. and around the globe, the priority of brand growth remains essential. 

Liz has spent much of her career focused on environmental, social, and governance issues, as well as playing an active role in stakeholder engagement and change management. Today, she believes sustainable, inclusive marketing practices are a significant growth driver for all organizations across every industry. She advocates that marketers and their supply chain partners are responsible for driving a positive impact on people and the planet alongside business results.

She emphasizes, “Ninety-two percent of consumers aspire to live sustainably, but only sixteen percent are actively changing behaviors.

Marketers can motivate people to move from mere concern for sustainability to adopting sustainable behaviors— whether that means influencing consumers or our organizations to positively impact the planet, communities, and other stakeholders.”

Liz ensures that marketers have access to content, best practices, frameworks, and other resources they may need to embed sustainability into their marketing strategies. She adds, “In the long term, products and services that are better for the planet and society tend to perform better.”

To learn more from Liz Kneebone about how marketers can motivate customers to move from mere concern for sustainability to adopting sustainable behaviors and purchasing sustainable goods and services, watch the video interview on Internationalist Marketing TV (IMTV) on YouTube by CLICKING HERE.


The Case Study Compendium provides case examples to help all CMOs accelerate their progress and drive more growth. As leading companies bake sustainability into their business growth strategies, all marketers can learn from current examples that utilize a deep knowledge of customer needs and cultural insights. Download the Compendium here.

The Future is Mainstream Green is a report from Boston Consulting Group, ANA, Adweek, and Sustainable Brands that outlines a new growth strategy for marketers. It offers ways to encourage sustainable choice by all consumers—not just those predisposed to sustainable claims. Click here to download the report.

The ESG Brand Perception Index captures the public perceptions of more than 430 large brands in terms of environmental, social, and governance practices on an ongoing basis. The Index was created with Swayable, a research technology platform focused on consumer insights. Available to ANA members only and conducted independently from brands, the index lists the top 20 ranked brands across seven verticals with key insights. Take a look at the latest topline results.

The Ad Net Zero Report details an action plan to align metrics and reduce carbon emissions throughout the advertising supply chain. As marketers worldwide look to measure and align on carbon emissions and their reduction, Ad Net Zero provides a consistent framework to lead the industry in reducing the carbon impact of developing, producing, and running advertising. Download the report.

Listen to Liz Kneebone talk about sustainable and inclusive marketing practices and to The Internationalist’s entire Trendsetters podcast series here on iHeartRadio’s Spreaker or wherever you download your podcasts

In our conversation, we discuss the following:

  • What do marketers tell you about their greatest sustainability concerns?
  • The Sustainability Collective and the Global CMO Growth Council have produced incredibly actionable resources with partners over the last few years. Tell us about the report: How to Achieve Mainstream Green
  • What have been the results of this “call to action” for marketers? Can you share any examples of how certain brands have transformed in some way by adopting these guidelines?
  • While talking about research and guides for marketers, would you be able to tell us about The ESG Brand Perception Index?
  • You’re also part of an industry initiative, Ad Net Zero. Could you outline the basics… and how marketers can participate and gain benefits?
  • Talk a little about how you’ve seen sustainability drive growth… This may be a tricky question as some new sustainability models are considering less consumption or being part of the circular economy.
  • I sense that you’re an idealist at heart. What would you like to see happen in the world to ensure that sustainability is treated with the seriousness it deserves?
  • What’s next for the Sustainability Collective in 2024?

Global sustainability is a priority issue for the ANA, whether it concerns mental health and well-being (Wellness), diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (Society), or protecting our environment (Planet). In a world where climate change should make sustainability top of mind, the Society and Sustainability Collective helps drive social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Liz Kneebone is a community builder and champion of the growth opportunities presented by centering DEI and sustainability in corporate and marketing strategies. She works with Fortune 500 C-Suite Leaders to design programs and overcome barriers to driving sustainable consumer behavior change and creating a more equitable culture.