21 Apr, 2024

WFA’s Stephan Loerke on Why Marketers “Need to Lead” in 2024

Stephan Loerke, CEO of the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), is unquestionably an optimist when he talks about the potential for marketing to drive outcomes and even reshape business goals. However, he is also tremendously pragmatic when he discusses the importance of embracing key marketing initiatives.  He believes that CMOs “need to lead,” and given the global complexities of […]

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AIMM’s Lisette Arsuaga Discusses How High-Growth Brands Embrace Strong Cultural Relevance & Inclusion…

Lisette Arsuaga, Co-Founder of AIMM, ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing, has long been an advocate for demonstrating how high-growth brands are also those with strong diversity and inclusion attributes or “cultural relevance” that is embedded throughout all marketing touchpoints. Recently, AIMM conducted a survey through the Cultural Inclusion Accelerator (CIA) to better understand consumers’ […]

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Rogier Vijverberg of SuperHeroes Talks about How to Win the Attention Game with Younger, Ad-Averse Generations

Ask Rogier Vijverberg what’s the next frontier for brands, and he’ll likely tell you it’s Digital Street Art. Rogier Vijverberg founded the agency SuperHeroes in Amsterdam in 2009 with an ambitious mission to save the world from boring advertising. Nearly 15 years later, SuperHeroes is still an independent agency, but now with offices in New York (or Williamsburg, Brooklyn to be precise) […]

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Biogen’s Michel Quintas Discusses How to Execute a Global Digital Strategy

Michel Quintas has the rare title of Director for Global Digital Strategy and Execution at Biogen, the Cambridge, Massachusetts multinational biotech company specializing in the treatment of neurological diseases. Not only has he helped lead an enterprise-wide transformation of Biogen’s digital customer engagement, but he has been instrumental in advocating omni-channel programs and a Digital Center of Excellence, founded […]

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Jared Belsky Explains Why Marketers “Get the Agency They Deserve”

Jared Belsky, Founder & CEO of Acadia, the recently launched and highly successful Atlanta-based agency, has been on both the client and agency sides during his career. He believes that marketers often are trained in every aspect of their business except managing their ad agencies. His latest book, You Get the Agency You Deserve, offers both practical […]

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Redefining the Metaverse. OMG’s Phil Rowley Reminds Marketers that the Metaverse Should Not Be the “Regretaverse.”

Phil Rowley, Head of Futures for Omnicom Media Group UK, admits that the metaverse is both overhyped and underappreciated.  While a lot of marketer attention is now on the “shiny objects” of AI with products like ChatGPT, he has recently focused on “Avoiding the regretaverse” or, perhaps better said, “how not to mess up in the […]

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New Parity CEO Leela Srinivasan Aims to Create Economic Opportunity for Women Athletes through Brands and Fans

No one denies the power of men’s sports. The passion for women’s sports, however, is growing exponentially.  And that makes Parity’s new CEO Leela Srinivasan very happy.  While Deloitte predicts that TV and sponsorship revenue for women’s sports will soon exceed $1 billion globally, Leela is focused on a more alarming statistic: currently less than 1% of sponsorship […]

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Tim Ringel, CEO of Meet The People, is on a Mission to Improve Agency Work Culture

Few would disagree that an agency’s greatest asset is its people. Tim Ringel, ad veteran, serial entrepreneur, and one of the founders of agency group– Meet The People, is on a mission to ensure that an improved work culture is front and center for ad agency employees. He describes Meet the People as the world’s first […]

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Halcyon’s Kate Goodall Urges Marketers to Step Up to the Inevitable Impact-Driven Future of Business.

Kate Goodall has spent a good portion of her adult life supporting companies that have created both sustainable and disruptive new brands.  As Co-Founder and CEO of Halcyon, an incubator for early-stage impact ventures, she has formed several strong opinions about business. Kate often talks about “the inevitable impact-driven future of business” and “the rise of values-driven […]

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Joanne Davis Interprets the Extensive Change Now Occurring at Both Agency and Marketer Organizations…

Joanne Davis of Joanne Davis Consulting has a reputation for helping to find a still point in the constantly churning world of client – agency relationships.  As a long-time senior advertising leader and brand builder, she lived through hundreds of agency searches. When she started her company 20 years ago, she promised her clients (and herself) […]

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